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MMA Shorts

When looking for the right MMA shorts for any occasion it is important to first understand what they exactly are and how they differentiate from other shorts.  A very essential piece of gear used in training for MMA fighters is a great pair of shorts. MMA shorts are specifically designed for optimal flexibility and rolling on the mat. They are made to stay on during training and fights when rolling around all over the ground. Most other shorts while rolling on the ground will bunch up leaving any type of viking feeling exposed.  First the material of MMA shorts are very familiar to the material board shorts are made from. The main difference in material is that our MMA shorts are durable and tough, made to be strong and stay held together during the intense demands of fighting and training. MMA fighting shorts do not have exposed materials like boardshorts which make it harder for other fighters to grab a hold of the material. Our shorts have no zippers, buttons, external pockets, etc. They are also known to have extremely durable material with a section specifically designed for the crotch area to allow high sidekicks or roundhouse kicks. This can be great especially if you are wearing a groin guard and need some more room down in that area. If you even try to go into a match with shorts that are not specifically made for MMA, like board shorts, you will automatically get yourself disqualified for illegal clothing. When looking for your shorts it is important to know your brand. Some brands run a little bigger for this purpose of allowing you to have optimal comfort and flexibility during training or an actual fight. Our shorts are some of the best because of the quality of material as well as the overall look. We are inspired by the true essence of the VIking culture; strong, dedicated and honorable. It will always be more important that you have the best comfort and feel at your best. With VIking Gear you don't have to worry about not having the utmost confidence in our products especially with us having the best warranty known in our industry, Viking Tough Warranty™ and we have plenty of mma shorts for sale!




Viking Gear has a great range of bottoms for any type of fighter! When going on your conquest it is important to know your options for the best gear suiting your battle or training of choice.



Fenrir MMA Fight Shorts


Fenrir fight shorts will make anyone into a God slayer. These shorts are in popular demand and its obvious why.


Like most other clothing from us these MMA shorts are made with Viking Gear reinforced stitching method. They create maximum fit and comfortability.  What makes these shorts so popular is the fact that it can be semi stretched without causing them to tear apart or rip all thanks to the material blend. For fighters that like to roll around on the ground and need flexibility these shorts are ideal and perfect for those wanting the compression upkeep without the compression look. These shorts come with a never fade design like most of our other products. They also come made with extra tough stitching, Viking Inner Waist Grip Band which guarantees a great fit that will not slip in tough trainings or matches, and shots come with stretch panel in between the legs for a full span of movement.  These popular MMA shorts also come along with the Viking Tough Warranty. A one year warranty and the best one in the industry.


Fenrir MMA Compression Shorts


“A man not willing to fight for what he wants deserves to get he gets.”


Any viking will know this saying and it goes for those who just go with any type of clothing gear as well. That is why it is important to look for the best quality when it comes to any type of gear in MMA. Our compression shorts are worth fighting for and in! They have prime material quality and a distinguished and ever lasting design. These shorts are a great way to complete your Fenrir get up.  They are made with the well known Viking Gear reinforced stitching method. This method is known to provide comfortability and fit. Like the Fenrir Compression Pants they are used as a long lasting thermos-regulated product. They can keep you cool when you are hot as well as keep in heat when needed. The design will never fade because it is made with a special printing process. Even in the sweatiest of battles you will never lose your designs sharpness. They are going fast so get them as soon as possible. These MMA shorts also come with our one year Viking Tough Warranty, so you will never be disappointed.