Wrapping it up

Wrapping it up

9th Nov 2017

Want to avoid this:

Read this: 

An important part of any sport is safety, and in physical sports such as MMA, Mauy Thai, and Boxing it becomes a absolute necessity. Many of us have been injured because we failed to properly equip ourselves. Hey I'm not talking about sparring gear of shin guards, which are very easy to use, put them on and go. The hardest part to secure is what we use the most, our hands. Proper support for your wrist and fingers is essential, it helps you h train better, train longer, and hit harder! So how can we prevent these injuries.

There are a few things you need to do, one is always wear wraps when you are ready to hit it hard, they are most likely to prevents any wrist injuries and keep you training longer.

But wrapping your hands is an art in itself, here is a video that shows you how to effectively do it. 

Another very important part is having the right equipment, makes sure the gloves have enough cushion on your knuckles and have a long enough wrist support. Check out the Viking Gear Sparring Glove (Click Here) to see a great example of this. The extra cushion provides safety for your knuckles and the extra long wrist support provides protection from the wrong kind of bend. 

These gloves help keep your hands and wrist safe when going your hardest. We are also offering free hand wraps with the purchase of the gloves with code "wrapitup".  Thanks for reading!