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BJJ Spats

Throughout the Jiu-Jitsu community, BJJ spats are booming in popularity. It is being seen worn under one’s gi, during wrestling or even for no-gi grappling. Also known to be useful during running or working out. As we continue to see BJJ grow in the United States and all over the world, we are seeing BJJ spats becoming more popular due to their apparent benefits. One killer benefit is that it is able to keep the muscles warms preventing them from having strain or fatigue. Another benefit on the physical science side is that it wicks sweat away from all places and crevasses to prevent the unwanted rashes and chafings. Many professionals say from their conducted group studies compression clothes have led to decreased perceived soreness, keeps optimal motion for the wearer as well as a faster recovery of force production, and reduced swelling.  The best part of our true one of a kind Viking Gear BJJ spats is that you do not feel as sore immediately after work keep you free of chaff and a faster recovery process. Spats also have a hygienic benefit! A Viking finding a good pair of spats is then helping oneself to avoid common but potentially horrific ailment like ringworm or staph infections. BJJ spats help to avoid as much skin to skin contact as well as helping to avoid the annoying mat burns and terrible germs.Gi grapplers and even No-Gi grapplers can find different but helpful uses for spats. Due to the amazing functional attributes of spats, they are a must have for any conquest!



BJJ spats are essentially compression pants.  When sweat is produced some may be at a disadvantage, by wear spats you are increasing the likelihood to successful leg techniques. You may also decrease the chances of an escape from your opponent.They will provide protection for your skin helping decrease skin irritation.while being able to wick away moisture and swear. They will also keep your muscles loose and warm. Spats are also known for their use for a better grip factor. The Fenrir Compression Pants will do that same! Thankfully we have plenty of bjj spats for sale:



Fenrir Compression Pants



Our Fenrir Compression Pants are a 5-star product making any other company seem mundane. This is an amazingly detailed piece of art that is now available due to a high demand. In earlier reviews this has been known to be a work of art as well as giving customer satisfaction by the difference of having three separate pieces rather than most cheaper products with only two. The distinguished Fenrir design is one that will never fade or lose it's crisp sharpness thanks to our special printing process.  A true fighter can wear these compression pants under a pair of MMA shorts, under Gi pants or even by themselves. Viking Gear reinforced stitching method are what just about every piece of bottoms like our compression pants are made with. This creates comfort, fit and flexibility. These pants are made with a specific type of blend of material that is used as thermos-regulated outwear. This means that these pants can keep heat in, when needed, as well as keep one cooled during blistering training or matches.  These pants are also made with a slip leaving room for the cup on the inside. It is crucial to get them while they last! The best part is that they also come with our special Viking Tough Warranty. Out of most companies, this is the best warranty around and it lasts for one year. Vikings never mess around and stand proudly by our products. Make sure to check out the fitting chart to determine what size would fit your Viking needs. We are known for great delivery times, high end quality, and up most comfortability. These pants are honored by our Viking Tough Warranty! At Viking Gear, we give our earnest guarantee that anything that is bought from our website will be free of manufacturer defects for an entire year. If not we will replace your item by just sending in your old one. It is known to be one of the best warranties around, so do not go into battle with anyone other than Viking Gear. By getting yourself a pair of Fenrir Compression Pants you can not go wrong.