The Midgard Serpent Vale Tudo Shorts

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The Midgard Serpent Vale Tudo Shorts

Bring Ragnarok to your gym get these vale tudo/compression shorts, this incredible detailed piece of art is finally available due to popular demand!


Complete your Midgard Serptent get up, with the Rashguard and the Gi! 


These shorts are designed with Viking Gear reinforced stitching method to provide both comfort and fit. The material blend makes it so it can also be used as a thermos-regulated outwear retaining heat when needed and cooling you down when you are hot. The design is made using a special printing process makes the design last without ever fading or losing its sharpness. This is perfect for no gi rolling  or to wear under your gi! Get them while they last.

These also come with the Viking Tough Warranty, which give them the best warranty out of all gear companies out there, 1 year!!! We Viking don't mess around around and stand by our product!


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Viking Tough Warranty